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We are a creative B2B studio dedicated to upcycling textile waste.

Équipements de couture

Social, Inclusive, Fair-trade, Circular

You want to take part in the sustainable textile revolution and take action in finally shaping your thoughts into concrete achievements ? 

Then you are in the right place!

Tons of dormant stocks of fabrics are waiting for their new life. Reshape Now accompanies you in the realization of your packagings, accessories and textile goodies thanks to the upgrading of forgotten textile. 

Our CSR actions are based not only on the circularity of the products we offer but also in our social impact. Production is entrusted to re-insertion workshops for women far from employment. 

As Redesigner, Reshapers, Upcyclers our mission is to fight textile waste by transforming it creatively and collaboratively into a new object and a new use. 

Let's lead by example together and join us for more positive impact and upcycling in textile.


Our position in the textile market

We are in 2023, we all know that our natural resources are limited and yet new organic cotton tote bags are still there and distributed everywhere.

Studies on the life cycle of textile products are unanimous, the stage of creating the fabric is the one with the heaviest ecological debt. While keeping the example of the tote bag, we would have to use it every day for 20 years to repay what it cost our Earth in terms of extraction, pollution (water, soil) of our resources. Thus, a new tote bag implies an ecological debt of 20 years due to daily use.

To the question that now also inhabits your mind: is it possible to create this same bag without debt but with positive ecological credit?

Our answer is a capital yes and our company is living proof of that. Our tote bags are 100% created from upcycled fabric, they have no debt to repay, only ecological credit to give.


With our customers, we fight against textile waste to preserve our natural resources and for upcycling to become mainstream. 12% is the percentage of textile raw material wasted every year in the world. Waste which, thanks to our will to act, does not reach our already (far too) polluted soils but becomes a new finished textile product that makes sense for the planet, our children and all generations to come.

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Our approach is collaborative, creative and above all circular

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